Footage Captures the Moment a Skydiver Leaps From Plane Sitting in an Inflatable Water Raft

A skydiving video shows the moment a woman leaps from a plane at 13,500 ft—while sitting in an inflatable rubber ring.

Robin Moore, wearing shorts and cowboy boots, is seen plummeting to earth with a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

The ER physician said: “This was a thrilling jump, as I chose to do it ‘cowgirl style’… a fun rodeo ride.”

“Floating on air and clouds thousands of feet in the sky, wind in my hair—I giggled and yelled the whole way down!”

Jimmy Hutfles and another friend were holding either side of the raft to keep it stable in free fall orchestrated on October 17th at River Ranch, Florida.

“I rode this float for thousands of feet. The guys dropped off at 7000 ft and I continued to ride it alone to 6000 ft., said the Miami Beach daredevil.

“I have jumped out of planes on inflatables before and I find it an extra skydiving challenge to not only balance your body but to manage the balance of a fun prop as well.”

Jimmy Huftles, 22, who filmed the dive, said, “I heard of other skydivers doing raft jumps before. We had a raft, we had an airplane, therefore we had a good time!

“Every second I spend in freefall is pure bliss and gets better and better each jump! 800 and counting!”